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Shelter 209 Archive for Performance Art

The catalogue constitutes a summary of materials in the Shelter 209 performance art archive. You are welcome to contact us for any additional information, or call to arrange for a visit in the archive for a full viewing.

We would be very grateful to anyone choosing to send us additional materials of the Shelter 209's early years, as the majority of our documentation was lost in the 2003 fire in the Merkazim Building, and we continue in our efforts to reclaim those documentary materials.

Dan Zakhem, "The Majesty of Absence", 1991

A living breathing digital catalogue


The objective of developing this catalogue was to see and present the variety of artistic activities produced since the establishment of the Shelter 209 in memory of Dan Zakhem to this day. It aims to bring to the public sphere of information the great range of artistic endeavors, much of which is still unknown. The catalogue is based on our deep-set understanding that transitory art must be documented for the collective memory of Israeli art and for research purposes. The catalogue continues to grow and expand with new materials and updates, with the digital platform allowing us to add new and archival materials from time to time.

There are three main methods of using and reading the catalogue: 

According to topic: Five chapters or topics are presented in chronological order on the home page, with each focusing on one particular area of aspect or activity from past years.

Clicking on any one of these topics, either on the home page or on the navigation bar, directs you to detailed information.

According to year: Another way to navigate the catalogue is by using the year bar on the left side of the home page. Clicking on a particular year opens a window listing the events of that year, providing a look into the simultaneous nature of reality where processes and materials intermix and occur concurrently.

Free search: Allows you to search for a particular artist or project, or anything else you are interested in. 


The catalogue aims at documenting and researching performance art in Israel. We did our best to provide comprehensive credits and approvals that would allow us to use such materials. However, a great deal of information was lost in the fire, and there are also other circumstances that make it impossible to track each and every person involved in any given project. You are welcome to contact us regarding any issue or problem, and we will be happy to make corrections.

Concept: Michal Schreiber and Ran Nahmias

Research and editing: Michal Schreiber

Catalogue design: Ran Nahmias

Graphic design: Kori Design

First publication: 2016

Supported by the Mifal Hapais


Our thanks to the entire staff that have kept the Shelter 209 wheels in motion over the years, dear people whose dedication and creativity have allowed us to produce and present artworks included in the catalogue. A special thanks to the 2015 Performance Platform crew: Hili Fridberg, Kineret Haya Max, Ran Nahmias, Beni Kori, Raz BDV

The Shelter 209 in memory of Dan Zakhem non profit organization

Artistic director: Tamar Raban

Supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sport, Tel Aviv Municipality, Haifa Municipality

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