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The performance "Cookies" by Ensemble 209, designed specifically for a small group, includes a series of actions that resemble associative poetry. Evident throughout is the focus on foodstuffs and cookie baking (along with the computer-related definition of "cookie"). Words derived from each of the letters in the word "performance" delineate a sequence of actions that address the body, objects, foods, communication with the audience and more. The poetic situations and absurdities create a flurry of events – a kind of poetry game that is unpredictable and imagination inspiring, with sound effects and stunts providing an essential part of the action. This work was created as one of a series by Tamar Raban titled LEPP (meaning a performance class in English and performance of an English class), a project that establishes a lexicon of performance statements.


A work by Tamar Raban and Ensemble 209


Year: 2008

Venue: Roulette, New York (the UMAMI Food and Art Festival); Performance Art Platform, Central Bus Station, Tel Aviv

Participating artists: Efi Ben-David, Guy Gutman, Haya Barsinski Segalis, Hili Fridberg and Tamar Raban

Music: Guy Gutman

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