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Ding Dong - Act One

Before their very eyes, viewers witness a world that seems at times to a be a realistic embodiment of the rural life depicted in "The House of Bernarda Alba" by Federico García Lorca, and at times a true and raw event that has no bearing on the illusion of theater. In this performance, participants act as themselves in the here and now, executing the poetic lines translated from the play, but also completely rearranging its original order. The accentuated, faulty, even sometimes broken enunciation, the daily chores drawn from the plays world, are interpreted into the actions of performance art – a range of gestures and rituals completed with precision, in repetition, often in absurd and illogical sequence. The audience experiences from up close the constant battle between meticulously preserved order and the impulses bubbling beneath the surface.


A work by Tamar Raban and Ensemble 209


Year: 2010-13

Venue: Performance Art Platform, Central Bus Station, Tel Aviv

Participating artists: Tamar Raban, Kineret Haya Max, Haya Bersinski, Sarit Talmor, Gilles Benivri, Yana Friedman, Tamar Kristisiashvili, Michal Herner Rosenman, Miray Shinan

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