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Dinner Dress – Debating Dora

In the second segment of Tamar Raban's trilogy, 24 people were invited to participate in the performance, dining on a 5-course meal over Raban's "dress", listening to stories about Dora, the artist's mother, whose name was also tied to the famous figure of Freud's patient Dora. Personal memories, historical references, and an aesthetic and multi-medium sensory experience formed the foundation for an intimate meeting that enveloped the audience and impacted their every sense. A chef cooked the food on site, the musician Ilan Green prepared the sounds, and artist Pnina Reichman embroidered sentiments of love from Raban's hair, while artist Buky Grinberg played host with his typical charisma and humor.


A work by Tamar Raban

Year: 1997-2003

Venue: Vienna Festival, Zurich, Kampnagel Theatre in Hamburg (1997); Shelter 209 (1997-98), Performance Art Platform in Merkazim House, Israel Museum of Art (2003)

Participating artists: Tamar Raban, Buky Grinberg, Zachi Bukshester\Daniel Zach, Ilan Green, Pnina Reichman

Running: Shimon Avny



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