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The Dress Trilogy


Dress Trilogy After the passing of Dan Zakheim in 1994, Tamar Raban continued with the work of the Foundation. In addition to teaching and art work activities held in the Shelter premises in Ramat Aviv, the Shelter 209 vehicle was designated and outfitted as a mobile art space, roaming to other sites to extend art activities far and wide. At the heart of this period stands a series of works titles the – Dress Trilogy, a series of works that Raban creates around a dress with changing ensembles of participating artists from various mediums. These works, produced in the years 1995-99, were a collaboration with festivals from Israel and around the world, and were exhibited in various places worldwide, beginning with the Shelter which had promoted their conception.


This period links the collaborative nature of work typifying the early years, and the realization of a joint vision of the Performance Art Platform that would soon be established.


This chapter presents the three Dress Trilogy segments: "Kahor-S/Bubblue", "Dinner Dress - Debating Dora", and "The No Book - Ivan's Play".

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