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Ensemble 209

After completing the Dress Trilogy with her partners, Raban then focused her efforts on establishing a regular framework for the Association's ensemble group. In 2001, a group of artists from various disciplines came together to create their first ensemble performance in the Israel Festival. Since then, Ensemble 209 has held yearly performances with different participants of various ages cultural backgrounds, and even those considered to have certain disabilities. These performances are "here-and-now" events that treat the audience as an integral part of the experience. The Ensemble aims to act in geographic, political and mental "twilight zones", while examining the boundaries of performance language and attempting to adapt it to contemporary reality. Every work is a fragment of an entire human life, a story of personal and community contexts, a link between local and global. Many of the participating artists continue to work in different mediums and forms within the art scene.


Ensemble 209 is a recognized theatre group supported by the Culture Administration.

This chapter presents Ensemble 209 works under the artistic direction of Tamar Raban.

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