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Foreign Work

A performance-tour proposed by the Ensemble artists, a different kind of meeting with the environment of the bus station, the Performance Platform's new home. By roaming this multicultural and fascinating world, artists offer an open and accepting view of this complex human habitat, a place that exists within the narrow confines of prejudice and fear. They direct attention to the existence of an unknown society, but one also very familiar. With whom can you identify here? With those that have been abandoned? With people of economic and national interests? With people as individuals or as a group? With multiculturalism? With intra-culturalism? With culture? And what is culture, anyway? Through this direct and surprising engagement, this work presents questions about architecture, urbanity and history, and about the role of art in these concepts. The tour begins and ends in the Performance Platform.


A work by Ensemble 209


Year: 2012 onwards

Venue: Performance Art Platform, Central Bus Station, Tel Aviv

Participating artists: Tamar Raban, Guy Gutman, Beni Kori, Kineret Max, Karin Mendelovici, Ran Nahmias, Liat Ezra


An interview with 5 central station workers, part of Foreign Work

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