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The exhibition "Installation-documentation-performance+ " was exhibited in Shelter 209 after the death of Dan Zakheim, and dealt with a reprocessing of documentary materials from past performances. It included three installations, and a corner for reading and introspection. Viewers were asked to stay on as visitors, to sit and review the documentary materials of the Shelter and experience the installations. Schen presented paintings of mandalas that incorporated drawings and collages made of documentations of her own performances. Raban presented her work desk, with documents and objects related to performances, and hosted viewers as part of her work. Carol Godin, Zakheim's widow, presented personal viewing and listening stations that screened images of Zakheim's performances, along with soundtracks and a monitor that projected videos of his works.


Year: 1994

Venue: Shelter 209, Tel Aviv

Participating artists: Tamar Raban, Anat Schen and Dan Zakhem (presented by Carol Godin)

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