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Live Life

In 1993 the Shelter 209 team were asked to present a work in the Gallery at Borochov, Tel Aviv. Raban and Zakheim, who continued their management of the Foundation after Schen's departure, decided to present this management as a joint artistic action. In the "Live-Life" exhibition they created two office work stations in the gallery, with all the necessary office devices. Monitors presented conversations held between them in preparation for the exhibition. Viewers could observe Zakheim and Raban going through their daily office work and as managed the affairs of the Foundation. Objects accumulated, such as faxes sent by artists and polaroid photos of visitors, testament to the activity finally presented in the exhibition final event.


Year: 1993

Venue: Gallery at Borochov, Tel Aviv

Participating artists: Dan Zakheim, Tamar Raban


Curator: Ilana Tanenbaum



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