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Mesaprot (Telling)

"Mesaprot" is a performance that was created as a follow-up to the Mitpashtot series, where each week Tamar Raban and Ensemble 209 set forth throughout the New Central Bus Station to expose their work processes to the dynamic public sphere and its influences on them in real time. This work gathers imagery and texts from a period of time in the bus station area, telling and reshaping them into a docu-poetic performance then exhibited in the defined space of the Performance Platform. The performance, also formed in reaction to various Zen adages and both personal and public processes of change, aimed to create an aggregate existence, a resonance more important that its source, an experience without judgment, an encounter without a hint of rebuke – a new and alternative perspective of the space where the Performance Platform had functioned for over a decade.


A work by Tamar Raban and Ernesto Levy with Ensemble 209


Year: 2015-2016

Venue: Performance Art Platform, Central Bus Station, Tel Aviv


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