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Mitpashtot (Getting undressed)

The performance "Mitpashtot" centers on performance as a public act, with the entirety of the performance development process conducted in the public spheres of the Central Bus Station, bare to the view of onlookers, station employees and residents. Meetings were reported to the general audience, but were also equally accessible to passing crowds invited to come in an actively join the show. It revealed the creative process of performance artists in real time, acting in relation of a relevant time and place where they interacted with the audience, an unmediated encounter with diverse populations – some which were experiencing their first glimpse of performance, or even art in general. The choice to expose themselves for this very first time while facing myriad crowds allowed reality to heavily impact working processes. The performance evolved through initiated actions and by unexpected events alike, with the friendships of the ensemble also undergoing a process of change based on introspection and external review into their surroundings and the integration between both worlds.


A work by Tamar Raban and Ensemble 209


Year: 2013-2016 

Venue: Performance Art Platform, Central Bus Station, Tel Aviv

Participating artists: Yanna Friedman, Tamar Raban, Liat Ezra, Kineret Max, Haya Barsinski, Miray Shinan, Sarit Talmor, Nurit Izak, Noam Sandel

Group activity at the Central Bus Station, 2013

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