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Performance Art Platform in Reading

Performance Art Platform in ReadingDuring the Omanut Haaretz (Art of the Land) 5 Festival, the Performance Art Platform presented the "Present Now" exhibition (curated by Tal Ben-Zvi) in the Reading Power Plant. Seven performance artists, accompanied by curator Yaron David, reacted to the exhibition space and context each in their own personal way, using a wide range of expressive and reflective means. These actions were incorporated into the busy space, or wove their way into its presence like a human-embodied remark, as artists examined cyclical or static situations, delved into the borders between alienness and intimacy, or directed attention to concepts of presence and absence. Within the unique and vast public space, performances created independent action, a communal sub-space of space and time. The performances in Reading 2006 relate to an investigation into different arenas, and the development of the Zaz Festival.


Year: 2006

Venue: Reading Power Plant, Tel Aviv







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