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Program no. 1

The first performance program in the Ramat Aviv Shelter 209 marked the inception of Shelter 209 as a home for performance art, and the beginning of the joint operation of the three Association's founders. Program works were created in relation to the Shelter's architecture and its viewing conditions, and occurred in sequence in various Shelter areas, both indoors and outdoors.

After the success of the first evening, it was decided to continue with the activity. The program was presented several other times during 1988-1989, and the Association's activity officially started under the joint management of Schen, Raban and Zakheim. Only a few documentary materials remain from this early period of activity.


Year: 1988-1989

Venue: Shelter 209 in Ramat Aviv

Participating Artists: Dan Zakheim, Tamar Raban, Anat Schen, Adina Bar-On, Yossi Mar-Haim


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