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"Remix" is the first of three ensemble works that reference and provide unique interpretation for the classic play "The House of Bernarda Alba" by Federico García Lorca. Here, a door between the Performance Platform and anything outside it serves as a protective barrier for the art work against the noise of the world. From time to time, the performers peep out into the reality of the bus station, reporting via microphone on what they see. The outside infiltrates the hermetic space of the stage, disrupting its dramatic developments. Tension between the inner space, where our heroines are locked, and the lurking world outside is clear. A system of control and oppression is translated into an array of internal relations: relationships between the women performers, between director and ensemble, between physical strain and bodily limitations, between Performance Platform reality and bus station reality. The constant struggle with the text is transformed into a central drama on stage.


A work by Guy Guttman and Ensemble 209


Year: 2010-12

Venue: Performance Art Platform, Central Bus Station, Tel Aviv

Participating artists: Vered Arni, Gina Ben david, Haya Bershinsky Segalis, Kineret Max, Tami Lebowitz, Yana Fridman, Tamar Kristisyashwili

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