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בסיוע מועצת הפיס לתרבות ולאמנות

© המידע בקטלוג הוא מתוך חומרים תיעודיים שנוצרו בעמותת מקלט 209 ע"ש דן זקהיים, או חומר שהתקבל מידי האמנים עצמם או נאסף ממקורות אחרים. זכויות יוצרים על עבודות האמנות הבודדות הן של האמנים עצמם או יורשיהם. אין לשעתק את היצירות, לפרסמן או להפיצן ללא רשות האמן והעמותה. ניתן לעשות בחומרים שימוש הוגן לצרכי מחקר ולימוד עצמי, תוך מתן קרדיט לקטלוג ולכותבים.

© Materials presented in the catalogue are taken from documentary materials created by Shelter 209 in memory of Dan Zakhem non profit organization, or materials received by the artists themselves or gathered from other sources. Copyrights for individual artworks are held by the artists themselves or their heirs. These materials may not be replicated, published or distributed without the artist and Shelter 209 permission. They may be used freely for the express purpose of research, while citing their source in the catalogue and to contributing authors.

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S/Bubblue, Umzingelung

The first part of the performance trilogy about a dress, created by Tamar Raban with various collaborating artists. Throughout the performance, Raban's blue dress unravels and divides into pieces that change their purpose. Concurrently, an unraveled dress is also sewn, to be used in the next performance. The cyclical actions are accompanied by a story of a mother that cuts away pieces of her own dress to sew a dress for her daughter: "From year to year, the daughter's dress grew in size while the mother's dress shrunk until there was nothing left of it". Present and participating in the performances were also Ori Drumer on music and Moshik Yosifov on light. The technical elements of the performances were deliberately left bare, so that the work to create the performance and the performance itself became a single entity in constant construction.


A work by Tamar Raban


Year: 1955-2002

Venue: Acco Festival of Alternative Israeli Theatre (1995); Vienna Festival, Fenomena Phestival (1996); Shelter 209 (1997); Forum Freies Theater Düsseldorf (FFT), Performance Art Platform in Merkazim House (2002)

Participating artists: Ori Drumer, Moshik Yosifov, Anat Bar Natan Shalev, Pnina Reichman