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Under the Sun

The performance "Under the Sun" examined the concept of "toil" as a starting point for performance actions. This concept contains parallel meanings that blur the differences between daily life and art work. In a living space, buzzing with activity, ensemble members execute activities that require physical exertion – actions often feral, intense and Sisyphean while using daily available objects. They create moments of tension, with everyone focused on something they cannot leave lest it crumble and fragment. These strenuous actions often seem absurd and pointless, and they simultaneously establish a kind of sketch in space and sounds that become a form of musical composition. Behind all this are also carried out acts of marking the fleeting passage of time on the back wall, using water. Fundamental concepts of performance art are examined in a live meeting with audiences that change and are each time one-time experiences – even if the world they occur in seems laborious, futile, and in endless repetitive cycle.


A work by Kineret Max and Ensemble 209


Year: 2014-2016 

Venue: Performance Art Platform, Central Bus Station, Tel Aviv

Participating artists: Nurit Izak, Haya Barsinski, Moran Duvshani, Kineret Max, Liat Ezra, Yanna Friedman, Ram Rachmim

תחת השמש - קדימון 

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