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Zaz Festival 2015

The 2015 International Zaz Festival for Performance Art hosted artists from Thailand, India, Canada, Germany, Slovakia, China, Poland, and Israel. Art events and workshops were held in Tel Aviv in the Performance Art Platform and the New Central Bus Station, and in Haifa, including the Tveria 15 Community Center and Wadi Nisnas.


Year: 2015

Venue: Tel Aviv, Haifa

Participating Artists: Monica Nanjunda, Padungsak Kochsomrong (Toi) Shannon Cochrane, Markus Mußinghoff, Rokko Juhász, Yingmei Dian, Paulina Kempisty, Tamar Raban, Ernesto Levy, Ronen Shouker, Miray Shinan, Beni Kori, Shahar Marcus, Nurit Izak, Yaacov Chefetz, Anat Schen, Kineret Haya Max, Dina etiel Gabbay, Sala-Manca (Lea Mauas and Diego Rotman), Eva Dabara, Moran Duvshani, Michal Schreiber, and graduates of the P.A.P. annual performance art workshop: Avigail Arnheim, Raz Bedo, Shanit Yehudayan


Artistic director: Tamar Raban

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Shahar Marcus & Beni Kori

The New Central Bus Station, Tel Aviv, 2015 Photo: Raz Bedo