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Zaz Festival

After several years of artist projects, most of which were completed on the Performance Platform, processes of change were set in motion. "Project Zaz" began with an investigation of a group of artists into new venues. Concurrently, relationships were established between Tamar Raban with an ensemble of festival performers abroad. The International Zaz Festival for Performance Arts was on its way.

The festival, conducted each year on the Performance Art Platform in Tel Aviv and additional cities in Israel, hosts participating artists from various countries, including Israel. The essence of the festival is summed up by its name – "Zaz", meaning a living and dynamic action of artists in different arenas, facing different audiences so that they may "move", thrill, touch and conduct art activities in local, contemporary reality. Participation in the festival, for artists and audiences alike, is a journey, a meeting place and living art laboratory. The works exhibited in the festival, some created in real time in response to reality, offers a broad range of avenues of action in performance art.

This chapter presents Zaz Festival activities throughout the years.

Zaz Festival - selected works 2007-2012

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